Join the Credibility Revolution!

By Shinichi Nakagawa | November 18, 2018

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Last week (14-15 Nov, 2018), I went to Melbourne for a workshop (“From Replication Crisis to Credibility Revolution”). The workshop was hosted by my collaborator and “credibility revolutionary” Fiona Fidler.

I suspect many workshops and mini-conferences of this nature are popping out all over the world as many researchers are very much aware of “reproducibility crisis”. But what was unique about this one is its interdisciplinary nature; we had philosophers, psychologists, computer scientists, lawyers, pharmacologists, oncologists, statisticians, ecologists and evolutionary biologists (like myself).

I really like the idea of calling “reproducibility crisis” “credibility revolution” (hence the title). A speaker at the workshop, Glenn Begley, wants to call it “innovation opportunity” (he wrote this seminal comment for Nature). What a cool idea! And these re-namings make things a lot more positive than a bit of doom-and-gloom feel of “replicability crisis”. Indeed, there are a lot of positive movements toward Open Science and Transparency, happening to remedy the current ‘questionable’ practice.

Although I live in Sydney, I was also in Melbourne early last month (4-5 Oct, 2018) for a small conference. This is because Tom Stanly invited me over, as an evolutionary biologist, to give a talk on meta-analysis to a bunch of economists who love meta-analyses. To my surprise, I had a lot of fun chatting with meta-enthusiastic economists.

Tom is not only an economist but also a credibility revolutionary, like Fiona. He has asked me to invite ecologists and evolutionary biologists to comment on his blog about a credibility revolution. It is an excellent read. And if you can make comments to join the conversation, Tom will appreciate it a lot, and get conversations going. Disciplines need to unite together to make this revolution succesful or make the most of this innovation opportunity. So join the credibility revolution! (meanwhile, I am now off to Japan to talk more about meta-analysis, and sample nice food – will joint the revolution once I am back).