SORTEE member voices – Vijayan Jithin

By SORTEE | September 13, 2021

[SORTEE member voices is a weekly Q&A with a different SORTEE member]

Name: Vijayan Jithin.

Date: 02 July 2021.

Position: Masters Student.

Research and/or work interests: I am interested in ecology, evolution and media. Currently my work focuses on habitat ecology, behavioral adaptations, and education.

What do you see as the greatest challenge facing the open / reliable / transparent science movement at large or specifically in ecology and evolutionary biology?:
I think one of the greatest challenges facing the ORT science movement is lack of awareness. In addition, most people not from well-funded institutions, or highly developed countries, lack funding for publication in open-access journals and funding to meet archival policies of journals. To do better science, we need the existing knowledge to be openly available, which is not in the case for many. Academic societies and institutions should adopt ORT science policies which will enhance the overall quality of ‘doing’ science!  

Do you have a favorite non-human organism? What is it and why is it your favorite?:
My favorite organism is a frog, more precisely a tadpole. The amazing transformation they go through and the challenges facing them in the aquatic environment make tadpoles my favorite animals. Everyday they amaze me by the way they are contributing to science. And above all, I am a tadpole wading through the stream of science, hoping to ‘hop’ as a frog!    

Where to find you online?:

Vijayan Jithin