Announcing the inaugural SORTEE Conference!

When: The week of the 12th of JULY 2021 (exact days to be determined)

Where: Virtually, world-wide


  • We plan events and talks in working hours worldwide, including:

  • Workshops: learn tips for producing open, reliable, and transparent science

  • Unconferences: discuss ideas for how to make ecology, evolutionary biology, and related disciplines more open, reliable, and transparent

  • Hackathons: work together on projects with well-defined goals (papers, techniques, software, etc.)

  • Networking opportunities: meet others in your region and around the world who share your interest in open, reliable, and transparent science.

  • Plenary talks: from experts on open, reliable, and transparent science

  • Short professional talks: share your experience working to make EcoEvo more open, reliable, and transparent (for instance, reflections from successes and failures in your own work; descriptions of tools, methods, protocols; etc.)

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