2023 Membership

Become a SORTEE member in 2023

Last year, we moved to a suggested membership fee model to support the society’s continued operation and growth (e.g., board insurance, website hosting, membership management software, stipends to monthly workshop and webinar speakers, legal and administrative fees, etc.).

We kept the 2022 suggested membership fees the same for the 2023 calendar year (amounts are in US$):

  • Senior-career professionals: $40
  • Early-career professionals: $20
  • Students: $10
  • Pay No Fees: Free
  • Pay What You Can: Minimum $0.50 (50 cents)

Pay What You Can: Besides the Pay No Fees option (no questions asked), we are offering everyone an option to enter a different payment amount. This option is intended for people who need to pay less (e.g. to account for exchange rates or personal financial difficulty), and for those who have the means to pay more and would like to make a larger donation to support SORTEE’s activities.

To join SORTEE or update your membership details, please go to:



Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) at SORTEE

At SORTEE, we place great importance on DEI. We have a dedicated DEI committee to ensure that we keep making improvements on this topic. We thereby also seek the help of our members. You can help us by filling out our demographic survey, whenever you become a member or renew your membership. This survey informs us on what our members think of diversity and also on which directions we may need to take for the future.

Our goal is to be diverse and inclusive of people across disciplines, from various geographical locations, from under-represented groups and with various interests.



There are plenty of benefits to becoming a SORTEE member:

  • Join a community of people helping to improve research by making it more open, reliable, and transparent.
  • Network! Meet and forge connections with others interested in open, reliable, and transparent science.
  • Find new research collaborators.
  • Enjoy preferential access to SORTEE workshops and webinars.
  • Learn new skills related to making your research open, reliable, and transparent.
  • Develop and test new research practices (for instance during conference hackathons).
  • Contribute and shape ideas for improving the reliability of the science of ecology, evolutionary biology, and related disciplines.
  • Help bring cultural change to academia.
  • Gain eligibility for SORTEE awards.
  • Free attendance of the SORTEE annual conference.
  • Receive SORTEE’s newsletter by email to stay tuned to new developments in open science, research transparency, and study reliability.
  • Vote for leadership positions to influence the direction of the Society.
  • Nominate colleagues (or yourself!) for SORTEE leadership positions.
  • Join SORTEE committees to make a difference via this Link.


Please help us to:

  • diversify across disciplines and subdisciplines
  • diversify geographically
  • diversify by welcoming members of underrepresented groups
  • diversify in terms of types of interests in open, reliable, and transparent science