2023 Leadership Positions

The Board is seeking nominees for two types of leadership positions within SORTEE.

First, there are three vacancies on the Board of Directors. Directors are elected by SORTEE members each November, and serve three-year terms (we understand that many researchers face uncertain and unstable career situations, and it is always an option for a board member to step down before the end of their three year term. If you are keen and available in 2023 but not sure that you can make a longer commitment, please still apply!). The seats available in 2023 are:

  • a student seat (any SORTEE member who is a student at the time of election is eligible);

  • an early-career seat (any SORTEE member with <10 years working in a professional capacity at the time of election is eligible), and;

  • an open seat (all SORTEE members are eligible).

Nominations for the Board of Directors will close on 28 October 2022. The election will be held in early November, and the terms begin in January 2023.

Second, we are seeking volunteers to Chair a committee. While the Board oversees SORTEE business, the bulk of SORTEE’s output is produced by the remaining committees, which are described below. Chairs are chosen by the Board and serve a minimum one-year term (with the option to reapply each year). The Chair is responsible for liaising with the Board and coordinating the work of their committee (including scheduling one committee meeting per month, preparing agendas in advance to allow for asynchronous contributions from committee members, and coordinating the prioritization and delegation of tasks). For committees to function effectively, the Chair must invest in organizing, coordinated project management across multiple timezones, and communication.

The SORTEE committees are:

Advocacy Committee: develops policy statements and proposes advocacy projects for improving the openness, reliability, and transparency of research in ecology and evolutionary biology.

Awards Committee: solicits nominations and selects winners for SORTEE awards, which are presented during the SORTEE conference. The awards committee should therefore communicate regularly with the conference committee.

Conference Committee: organizes the virtual SORTEE Conference.

EcoEvoRxiv Committee: manages the preprint server ( affiliated with SORTEE

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Committee: promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion within SORTEE’s activities and committees.

Education & Outreach Committee: develops and provides educational resources to individuals and organizations interested in learning more about improving research by making it more open, reliable, and transparent.

Fundraising Committee: develops and implements plans for raising funds to support SORTEE.

Media Committee: develops content (for the website, Twitter, and newsletter), designs and maintains the website, and develops new ideas for spreading the word about SORTEE and open, reliable, and transparent science.

Membership Committee: focuses on recruiting SORTEE members and determining conditions for and benefits of SORTEE membership.

To nominate yourself for a leadership position on the Board of Directors and/or as a Committee Chair, please use this survey:

We warmly encourage applications from SORTEE members who identify with groups that have been historically marginalized in science (e.g. women, people of colour and/or from ethnic minority backgrounds, people with disabilities, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and members of other marginalized groups).

2022 Membership

Become a SORTEE member in 2022.

In 2022 SORTEE has introduced a suggested membership fee to support the society’s continued operation and growth (e.g., board insurance, website hosting, membership management software). Membership fees will help cover legal and administrative fees the society incurred to register as a not-for-profit organization in 2021.

The suggested membership fees for the 2022 calendar year are as follows (amounts are in U.S. dollars)

  • Students: $10
  • Early-career professionals: $20
  • Senior-career professionals: $40

Flexible pricing and donations: We are offering everyone an option to enter a different payment amount. This option is intended for people who need to pay less (e.g. to account for exchange rates or personal financial difficulty), and for those who have the means to pay more and would like to make a larger donation to support SORTEE’s activities.

To join SORTEE or update your membership details, please go to:

Why support SORTEE?

SORTEE is a network of people with shared interests, spread out across many disciplines/subdisciplines. Join us to engage with this exciting network, and learn how to improve your science.

SORTEE provides a forum to discuss and develop practices that promote open, reliable, and transparent science. Join to contribute to this discussion.

SORTEE members can join committees, nominate for the Board, and vote in the annual election. Join to shape the future of this young society.

SORTEE can best help science and the scientists in these disciplines if we are a diverse organization that fosters and amplifies diverse perspectives.


Please help us:

  • diversify across disciplines and subdisciplines
  • diversify geographically
  • diversify by welcoming members of underrepresented groups
  • diversify in terms of types of interests in open, reliable, and transparent science