Open Science – what’s the way (for Australia)? – Notes from a panel discussion

[This post has been originally posted on] We all heard about Open Science, and particularly Plan S, which has been announced in Europe last year (read more here). On 14th February 2019, I had an opportunity to be a panelist during discussion on what it all could mean for Australia. The panel discussion was organised by Springer Nature as a part of the ALIA conference, which is the main meeting for the librarians and information specialists in Australia and New Zealand (I realised these are mostly lovely middle-aged ladies, although they said more men are starting to join this profession with the new technologies, closing the “gender gap”).

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Join the Credibility Revolution!

[This post has been originally posted on] Last week (14-15 Nov, 2018), I went to Melbourne for a workshop (“From Replication Crisis to Credibility Revolution”). The workshop was hosted by my collaborator and “credibility revolutionary” Fiona Fidler. I suspect many workshops and mini-conferences of this nature are popping out all over the world as many researchers are very much aware of “reproducibility crisis”. But what was unique about this one is its interdisciplinary nature; we had philosophers, psychologists, computer scientists, lawyers, pharmacologists, oncologists, statisticians, ecologists and evolutionary biologists (like myself).

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Ecological Society of America Ignite Session on Replication in Ecology

[This post has been originally posted on] Fiona Fidler and Tim Parker organized an Ignite session on Replication in Ecology at the Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting 2017 in Portland, U.S.A a few weeks ago. Ignite sessions start with a series of 5 minute talks on a similar topic that are followed by a panel discussion. At Fiona and Tim?s session more than 50 attendees listed to talks by Fiona Fidler, Clint Kelly, Kim LaPierre, David Mellor, Emery Boose, and Bill Michener.

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