SORTEE member voices – Saeed Shafiei Sabet

By SORTEE | July 10, 2023

[SORTEE member voices is a weekly Q&A with a different SORTEE member]

Name: Saeed Shafiei Sabet

Date: 8 December 2022.

Position: Research Fellow.

Research and/or work interests:
Animal behavior, Anthropogenic noise, predator-prey interactions,
noise impacts, wildlife, anti-predator behavior, fish, crustaceans.

How did you become interested in open research?
To be able to share our findings and behavioral observations in a more
clear and available way.

What is an open/reliable/transparent science practice that you admire but have not yet adopted in your own work?
Data availability and access.

If you had the power to change one thing about current research practices in your field, what would it be?
Data availability and transparency.

Where were you born and raised?
Rasht, Iran

Tell us about one of your hobbies.

What is your preferred color?

Where to find you online?: