Annual Reports on Committee Activities:


Board of Directors

This is an elected committee that is ultimately responsible for SORTEE. Three positions on the board come open each year and are elected by the members of SORTEE in November. These terms last for three (3) years.


Members serving from 2023 through 2025 are:


Ed Ivimey-Cook
Ed Ivimey-Cook (Secretary) is a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Glasgow.

Patrice Pottier
Patrice Pottier is a PhD student at the University of New South Wales.

Alfredo Sánchez Tójar
Alfredo Sánchez Tójar is a researcher at Bielefeld University, where he focuses on evidence synthesis and meta-research in ecology and evolution.


Rob Lanfear
Rob Lanfear is a Professor at the Australian National University.


Members serving from 2022 through 2024 are:


Kaija Gahm
Kaija Gahm is a PhD student at UCLA, studying spatiotemporal dynamics of vulture social networks in the Pinter-Wollman lab.

Alexa Fredston
Alexa Fredston (Treasurer) is a quantitative ecologist and Assistant Professor at the University of California Santa Cruz.


Members serving through 2023 are:

Dom Roche
Dominique Roche (Past-President) is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Global Fellow at Carleton University, Canada. He studies how open data improve transparency, reproducibility, and collaboration in science.

Rose O’Dea
Rose O’Dea (President) (President-Elect) is a postdoctoral researcher, currently based in the MetaMelb Research Group at The University of Melbourne.

Tim Parker
Tim Parker is a Professor of Biology at Whitman College and has interests in behavioral ecology, demography, community ecology, and meta-science.


Executive Committee

As specified in the SORTEE bylaws, the Executive Committee is chosen by the Board of Directors.
Current officers are:  

Rose O’Dea (President and President-Elect)
Ed Ivimey-Cook (Secretary)
Alexa Fredston (Treasurer)
Dominique Roche (Past-President)


Advocacy Committee

A new committee in 2022, the Advocacy committee follows two ‘Unconference’ sessions at the 2021 SORTEE conference, asking whether this society should actively advocate for policy change. The Advocacy committee will develop policy statements and propose advocacy projects for improving the openness, reliability, and transparency of research in ecology and evolutionary biology.

Current members are:

Antica Culina (Chair)
Kevin Bairos-Novak (Membership consultant)
Christina Buelow (Project & policy drafter)
Shreya Dimri (Researcher)
Max Czapanskiy
Shinichi Nakagawa (Editorial Journal Liaison)


Conference Committee

The Conference committee organizes the virtual SORTEE Conference, which will be held in October. If you have the capacity to donate time and/or money to organising the conference, please email the Committee Chair Matthieu Paquet.

Current members are:

Matthieu Paquet (Chair)
Edward Ivimey-Cook (Past Chair)
Rachel Turba (Advertiser)
Elina Takola (Content submissions & selection)
Marija Purgar (Registration & messaging)
Juliette Tariel-Adam (Program manager)
Ineta Kačergytė (Platform manager)


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

To promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within SORTEE’s activities and committees, the 2022 DEI committee will be working more closely with specific committees by having dedicated ‘committee consultants’ to the Conference, Membership, Education & Outreach, and Media committees. These consultants will attend meetings of their nominated committee and advise on DEI matters. There is also a DEI ‘member consultant’ who is available to SORTEE members for advice on improving DEI in their own practice.

Current members are:

Bawan Amin (Chair / SORTEE member consultant)
Rachel Turba (Consultant to the conference committee)
Malika Ihle (Consultant to the education & outreach committee)
Joey Burant (Consultant to the fundraising committee)
Gabe Winter (Consultant to the media committee)
Félicie Dhellemmes (Data analyst)
Coralie Williams (Climate survey analyst)
Easton White (Training developer)
Kevin Bairos-Novak (Strategy researcher)


EcoEvoRxiv Committee

EcoEvoRxiv (EcoEvo“archive”) is a not-for-profit subject-matter specific research repository for works related to ecology, evolution and conservation. EcoEvoRxiv is an official preprint server of SORTEE.

Current members are:

Daniel Noble (Chair)
Noelle Schenk (Social media manager)
Jenna Braun (Editor)
Deme Gideon (Editor)
Stefan Vriend
Pablo Recio-Santiago
Anna Nordberg
Félicie Dhellemmes
Dr. Elvira D’Bastiani
Dr. Marta Acácio
Mario A. Sandoval-Molina


Education and Outreach Committee

The Education & Outreach committee develops plans to provide educational resources to individuals and organizations interested in learning more about improving research by making it more open, reliable, and transparent.

Current members are:

Natasha Gownaris (Chair)
Malika Ihle (Overall support and feedback)
Inês Silva (Website resource curator)
Pike Spector (Workshop scheduling and organization)
Isa Elegbede (Workshop scheduling and organization)
Kaija Gahm (Zotero resource curator, Board liason & Interim coordinator for in-person meetups)


Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising committee develops and implements plans for raising funds to support SORTEE.

Current members are:

Dom Roche (Chair)
Joey Burant (Application writer / Researcher)
Raphaël Royauté (Donation seeker)


Media Committee

The Media committee develops content (for the website, social media, and newsletter), designs and maintains the website, and develops new ideas for spreading the word about SORTEE and open, reliable, and transparent science.

Current members are:

Tim Parker (Chair)
Alfredo Sánchez-Tójar (Twitter & Mastodon manager)
Gabe Winter (Twitter & Mastodon co-manager / DEI representative / Member profiles editor)
Malgorzata Lagisz (Website co-maintainer)
Eleanor Jackson (Website maintainer)
Rachael Blake (Blog editor)
Tuba Rizvi (Linkedin manager)
Szymek Drobniak (Visual designer)


Budget Committee

The Budget Committee reviews and approves ama; expenditures fro SORTEE budget for our statutory activities.

Current members are:

Tim Parker (Chair)
Alexa Fredston (Treasurer)
Malgorzata Lagisz


Awards Committee

The Awards Committee reviews awards scheme, solicits nominations and selects the award winners.

Current members are:

Malgorzata Lagisz (Chair)
Hannah Dugdale
Sandra Hamel
Kari Norman


Past Board Members

Please see this page.