Hannah Fraser

SORTEE Conference 2021

Asia / Pacific

30 minutes

July 14th, 0100 UTC

Talk title: Meta-research from ecological and interdisciplinary perspectives

Talk abstract: Social and medical sciences have found that they obtain contradictory results around half of the time when they redo studies (much less in some fields). In ecology, it is difficult and expensive to redo studies and we expect far more variation in results due to environmental stochasticity, so we are unsure of how replicable the ecology literature is. There are a few ways of trying to evaluate this without breaking the bank: conducting multiverse analysis or a many-analyst study, partnering with other labs for large-scale collaborations, investigating the prevalence of practices known to lead to low replicability of results, and changing how we critically evaluate the literature. This talk will draw together interdisciplinary and ecological learnings on each of these topics to showcase some key advances in ecological meta-research.

Brief bio: Dr Hannah Fraser began as an ecologist in the Quantitative and Applied Ecology Group before transitioning to interdisciplinary meta-research in the MetaMelb research group. Hannah is perpetually impressed by the passion and expertise people bring to their research (particularly ecology) and sees it as her role to try and help make the fantastic research people are doing even better. To that end, Hannah has recently started a consultancy aimed at helping people tweak their research workflows in ways that can deliver more reliable, robust and replicable research.


Hannah Fraser