This page lists SORTEE’s past Board and Committee members.




Board of Directors


Bonnie Wintle
term 2021: Bonnie Wintle is a Senior Research Fellow in the School of BioSciences at Melbourne University, based in the interdisciplinary MetaMelb group.

Samantha Burke

Term 2021: Samantha Burke is a student pursuing a PhD with the Inter-Disciplinary Ecology and Evolution Lab at the University of New South Wales.

Clint Kelly
Term 2021: Clint Kelly is an Associate Professor of Biology and Canada Research Chair in Behavioural Ecology at the Université du Québec à Montréal. Clint currently serves on the SORTEE Executive Committee.


Awards Committee


Clint Kelly (Chair, 2021)
Alessandro Filazzola, 2021
Antica Culina, 2021
Bonnie Wintle, 2021
Erlend Nilsen, 2021
Hannah Dugdale, 2021
Jason Pither, 2021
Marcel Carita Vaz, 2021
Nicholas Grebe, 2021
Sandra Hamel, 2021
Wendy Thorogood


Conference Committee


Tim Parker (Chair, 2021)
Amelia Hood, 2021
Edward Ivimey-Cook, 2021
Elina Takola, 2021
Malika Ihle, 2021
Matt Grainger, 2021
Matthieu Paquet, 2021
Rose O’Dea, 2021
Malika Ihle, 2021
Benoit Pujol, 2021


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee


Malika Ihle (Co-Chair)
Samantha Burke (Co-Chair)
Kaitlyn Gaynor, 2021
Victoria Hemming, 2021
Antica Culina, 2021
Alexander Mielke, 2021
Kimberly Cook, 2021
Zuzanna Zagrodza


Education and Outreach Committee


Samantha Burke (Co-Chair)
Antica Culina (Co-Chair)
Bawan Amin
Clint Kelly, 2021
Cole Brookson
Colette Ward
Ilias Berberi, 2021
Malgorzata (Losia) Lagisz, 2021
Malika Ihle, 2021
Elliot Gould, 2021
Georgia Titcomb, 2021
Chris Nadeau, 2021
Ehren Moler, 2021
Valentin Amrhein, 2021


Fundraising Committee


Dom Roche (Chair, 2021)
Antica Culina, 2021
Joseph Burant
Raphaël Royauté, 2021
Shinichi Nakagawa, 2021


Media Committee


Tim Parker (Chair, 2021)
Alfredo Sanchez-Tojar, 2021
David Murray-Stoker, 2021
Heather Ritchie, 2021
Jasmine Nirody, 2021
Joshka Kaufmann, 2021
Malgorzata (Losia) Lagisz, 2021
Rose O’Dea, 2021
Samantha Burke, 2021
Szymek Drobniak, 2021
Antica Culina, 2021
Jeff Clements, 2021
Heather Ritchie, 2021


Membership Committee


Rose O’Dea (Chair, 2021)
Elliot Gould, 2021
Gideon Deme Gywa, 2021
Kaija Gahm, 2021
Lewis Bartlett, 2021
Tim Parker, 2021


Overlay Journal Committee

This committee explored the possibility of establishing an ‘overlay’ journal associated with SORTEE.

Dom Roche (Chair, 2021)
Alkistis Elliott-Graves, 2021
Antica Culina, 2021
Inês Silva Jithin Vijayan, 2021
Kaitlin Kimmel, 2021
Matthew Jones, 2021
Ross Mounce, 2021
Thomas Johnson, 2021


Founding Members

Members who contributed to the establishment of the Society in 2020 were:

Alfredo Sánchez-Tojar
Allyson O’Brien
Antica Culina
Bonnie Wintle
Clint Kelly
David Duncan
David Wilkinson
Dominique Roche
Elliot Gould
Emilio Bruna
Fiona Fidler
Hannah Fraser
Julia Stewart Lowndes
Malgorzata Lagisz
Malika Ihle
Rose O’Dea
Samantha Burke
Saras Windecker
Shinichi Nakagawa
Szymon Drobniak
Tim Parker
Wolfgang Forstmeier