Ecologists and evolutionary biologists can and should pre-register their research

[This post has been originally posted on] I wrote a draft of this post a few weeks ago, and now seems like a good time for it to see the light of day given the great new pre-print just posted on OSF Preprints by Brian Nosek, David Mellor, and co-authors. They describe the utility of pre-registration across a variety of circumstances. I do something similar here, though I focus on ecology and evolutionary biology and I don’t try to be as thorough as Nosek et al.

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Ecological Society of America Ignite Session on Replication in Ecology

[This post has been originally posted on] Fiona Fidler and Tim Parker organized an Ignite session on Replication in Ecology at the Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting 2017 in Portland, U.S.A a few weeks ago. Ignite sessions start with a series of 5 minute talks on a similar topic that are followed by a panel discussion. At Fiona and Tim’s session more than 50 attendees listed to talks by Fiona Fidler, Clint Kelly, Kim LaPierre, David Mellor, Emery Boose, and Bill Michener.

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